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ASGI Cameroon

A certified recruitment agency with excellent reputation well over 15 years. ASGI Cameroon offer most recent and up to date information to potential students on college and university admissions, programs and course of study, accommodation and recent study permit and visa application routes.

We aim at becoming the number one student recruitment agency in Cameroon for the following destinations:


Study in Europe


Study in UK


Study in Canada & USA

Welcome Message

Our success is based upon the dedication for excellence of ASGI and that of the educational institutions we represent. What this means is that when you enter an office of ASGI Cameroon you will be treated with care, concern and professionalism so that you have a very real opportunity to realise your dream.

An international education has a lot to offer you; it provides a great variety of opportunities for you to develop your skills, intellectual and otherwise, to discover new talents, and to meet people with interests like your own from around the world. Academically, this is a stimulating challenge. Your abilities and motivation will be stretched as you study and compete with students from many different countries; of different religions; from different cultures and backgrounds. But all with one common goal and that is to challenge their determination, commitment and ability, and ultimately to get the best qualification that they can achieve. This achievement will be testimony to our help and advice.

Travelling abroad to study is much more than studies alone. It’s the opportunity to be truly independent for possibly the first time. To rely on one-self without the help or support of family or friends. The experience of studying abroad is much more than study alone, it builds a person’s character. You develop a sense of responsibility by being accountable for your actions. You learn to be organised to plan, arrange and keep things in orderly manner. You learn co-operate of working for a common goal and purpose. You learn to make friends with people of different cultures, religions, and creeds through mutual trust and understanding. Basically, you learn lessons in life that will help to make you a stronger self-reliant person. In the most part, you will participate in an educational system enhanced by the latest didactical techniques, modern resources and the latest technology. Finally, you will be awarded an internationally recognized degree that will ensure you have better prospects for the future.

ASGI Cameroon is the link between you and your future.