Why chose ASGI Cameroon
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Why chose ASGI Cameroon


ASGI Cameroon conducts a holistic recruitment approach, which is; more professional and responsible, and ethical in all relationships with students, families and institutional members. Most of our institution members work through different agent portals, admissions management systems, and other platforms to speed up the turn-around for applications and response to student queries.


ASGICAM in the most part acknowledges her limits in terms of knowledge, experience, and expertice and shall make referrals, as appropriate. Student’s application and visa processes are not subvert but are dealt with by establishing the veracity of client’s documents taking into consideration the smallest of details.


ASGI Cameroon maintain a large database of institution members from Ivy League, Northern Consortium Universities, Russell Group, and most world top-tier Universities.  Your choice of career is easily met with competitive affordable tuition fees, short and long-term study plans including languages courses. We care for minors and provide guardianship information, homestay and private accommodation, and on-campus accommodation for all level of students.


ASGI Cameroon act in all conformity of all the legislation changes that apply to her students and partner institutions to maintain and promote the highest level of confidentiality. Provide most up-to-date, accurate, straightforward and honest information to both the students and institution members we represent.


ASGI Cameroon carry out communication with students and institution members in an honest and clear manner. Students’ applications are handled with sheer diligence acting at their best interest, professionally, honestly, and responsibly. We communicate current, accurate and honest information in an ethical manner, and seek to provide clear avenues to resolving disputes with all transparency.


ASGI Cameroon provides clear and robust start-to-finish information desks with appropriate tailored communication strategies that puts students first at all times. Institution members provide corporate support in trainings, market support and information exchange, and performance checks. As we aim to reach each one at a more timely manner and meeting the needs of each student and institution members, we do so with all due diligence. In most traditional markets students look up to agents as a dirty, unchaste affair but we at ASGI Cameroon bridge the gap through balanced communication, expertice, and responsible business ethics and professionalism.


The out flow of African students to Europe in recent times has been nothing short of staggering. There has been heightened interest of European Universities to Africa through increase in-country visits, recruitment of new agents and possibly the volatile geopolitical present status-quo of 24 EU countries. Though these countries are a dominant non-English Language destination, there is a borderless mix-and-match support for students taking English Degrees to reach their potentials. European Credit Transfer Systems – ECTS, facilitates student mobility within Europe and provides students with unforgettable skills, knowledge and experience with emphasis on innovation. One may say Europe is home to breath-taking landscapes and vibrant culture, which on its own enable students the right to freely move within the signatory countries of the Schengen Agreement.

ASGI Cameroon understands this shift in diversity and are aiming to help transforms students dreams to a reality with best-fit institution match. Recruit through our various platforms and expanded local connections. A list of our member institutions in Europe can be consulted here.